The history of Pearl is one with that of Giuliano Benazzi and his family. Of his wife Maria Grazia and his daughter Laura, actively involved in the company.The year is 1981, when Giuliano Benazzi transforms his passion for food into a reason of life, founding a company that disseminates the values of a land, Liguria, which over the centuries has created a real food model.Of this peculiar idea of cooking pesto is the emblem the heart of the mission of Perla.

It is no coincidence If Giuliano Benazzi will promote and will become president of the Consortium of the Pesto Genovese, a valuable tool for the defense of the true Ligurian pesto from the incursions of the big and extraregional industry.Through the passion of Laura, now thirty years old Export Manager of the company, history Pearl is expected to continue in the most perfect continuity with the values that had decreed its birth.