Genoese pesto: tradition and passion in the lands of Portofino

Genoese pesto by Perla, near Portofino

Genoese pesto embodies our truest vocation: interpret and reproduce the flavors of  people of Lands of Portofino. Flavors that were born centuries ago by original and creative combinations, the result of a time when the “housewife” joined what seasons, nature, trade and the changing fortunes carried on the kitchen table.
The flagship of our line is the Genoese Pesto typical recipe Benazzi, that bears the logo of the Consortium of Genoese Pesto and responds to its strict requirements. The ingredients come exclusively from the Liguria and the areas bounded by the rules: DOP Genoese basil, extra virgin olive oil of Italian origin, Grana Padano, Pecorino Romano DOP, italian garlic, mediterranean pine nuts,european nuts and italian salt.
Beside this the result of genuine passion and loyalty to the noblest of traditions of people borned in lands of Portofino, Perla offers a wide range of fresh or long-life pesti. Some of these have been expressly conceived to satisfy targeted needs. It’s ‘the case of the organic pesto and of the fresh pesto of the Italian Riviera also available without garlic.

The list of Genoese pesti by Perla:

  • Genoese fresh Pesto with DOP ingredients – With Logo of Consortium of genoese pesto
  • Organic Genoese Pesto fresh and at room temperature – Certified
  • Genoese Pesto gluten free
  • Genoese Pesto of italian Riviera – without garlic too, it’s especially delicate, creamy and suitable for children
  • Fresh “S.Margherita Ligure” Pesto – a top quality of our company
  • Portofino genoese pesto – With a 1 year shelf life, it’s made without preservatives or coloring agents