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altri prodotti di Perla

The world of Perla was filled , over the years of products that are always new and different, some taken from the Italian culinary tradition, other of exotic extraction.

The result is a product line that draws a unique gastronomic universe, typically Mediterranean. Besides delights well-known to the Genoese people as pine nuts, walnuts and oregano, Perla produces cayenne chili , originating in Malawi, the basis of our red pesto but excellent with penne Amatriciana too; the black peppercorns, with a fresh and pungent smell; dried tomatoes, to soak in warm water and vinegar, wring out and let it marinate in glass jars with extra virgin olive oil and oregano.

Mushrooms in olive oil, vegetables in vinegar, grilled, stuffed with cheese or in sunflower oil, olive varieties, seafood specialties such as marinated anchovies, anchovies in olive oil, octopus, natural clams , fillets of tuna in olive oil, salmons, smoked fish and typical sweets complete a rich and extroverted catalogue to learn, explore and appreciate. With the senses and with the mind.