Not only pesto: Discover the walnuts sauce and other sauces by Perla

Besides genoese pesto, Perla produces the second major sause of the Ligurian tradition : the walnuts sauce, very good and tasty on pansotti, tagliatelle and testaroli. Made with european walnuts and Grana Padano DOP , it should always be served with a good sprinkling of Parmesan cheese.

Absolutely new, genuine creative whim of the company, is fresh pesto with hazelnuts, which combines the traditions of the mortar sauces with the fruit of a tree that characterizes the forest landscape and the agricultural economy of Tigullio since many centuries.

Further pride of Perla is the original fresh red pesto, that at the basis of pesto combines dried tomatoes of 1st choice and cayenne chilli. Especially recommended for those who love intense flavors.

The long-life creams and sauces “Portofino”, suitable both for pasta dishes that for appetizers and salads, are a triumph of flavors and colors: olive cream, artichoke cream, boletus mushrooms cream, truffle cream and arugula cream; devil’s sauce , green sauce and “Portofino” walnuts sauce. What is your favorite?